Inspired Wedding Photography: Blog en-us (C) Inspired Wedding Photography (Inspired Wedding Photography) Mon, 13 Sep 2021 06:56:00 GMT Mon, 13 Sep 2021 06:56:00 GMT Inspired Wedding Photography: Blog 86 120 6 Latest Wedding Photography Trends You Should Not Miss! For your wedding you should always look for a photographer who will be professionally skilled and will know the latest techniques and trends of wedding photography. But, you don’t want your photos to look so up-to-the-minute that when you’ll look back to your poses after 20 years you will see things that will instantly date your wedding.

Here are some shots that are trendy and fully 'now' but is going to look modern still when your kids will get married!

Brooke & James Wedding-10Brooke & James Wedding-10

Shots of the Proposal

A number of people are now asking photographers to shoot their proposal so that it seems like a story from their proposal to the wedding. Several photographers also have stated that this trend is going viral rapidly and all of them is in love with this trend. A photographer said, "I'll never forget one proposal I shot in my area, in the dead of winter. It felt like it was just me and the couple in that place, and I got really great images," she says.

Chloe & Ben-6Chloe & Ben-6

Stop Motion Wedding Photographs

In this technique, the professional will click still photographs and animate them, typically in a video with music selected by you. Stop motion works really well for a trailer. You can put that on Facebook or send it to close friends through WhatsApp.

Megan & David-1Megan & David-1

Bride’s Portrait

Today’s brides are opting for portrait sessions wearing their wedding dresses before the wedding day or on that day for taking portraits. "You're spending all this time and effort on your look and it's nice to document it properly," a professional photographer says. A few people are also capturing couple portraits.

Wedding photos-6-2Wedding photos-6-2

The Look of Father and Daughter

First-look photographs are now loved and this trend isn’t going to end soon. Some brides also choose to capture photos of their daddy's first look on their wedding day. This is an extremely sweet trend and that’s because it has become really popular. Wedding day is a busy day. So, spending time with your dad on that day will make them feel special.

Emily & Tim-15Emily & Tim-15

Showing Family Photographs

Want to show sentimental or funny family photos at your reception? Everybody wants that and that’s why it has become a trend. "I did it at my own wedding and see it at many weddings I photograph," says a popular photographer. Weddings are about bringing 2-3 generations together. So, it will be an awesome idea to have photographs of grandparents, parents and others to keep it together.

Megan & David-13Megan & David-13

Backlit Photos

Using natural light can gift romantic pictures. To achieve this look professionals shoot in sunrise or sunset. In this time the light remains soft and warm and flatters the subject. It is the atmosphere that’ll make you and your partner look splendid. In lights like these, everything looks great and romantic. It’s sometimes perfect to depend on nature but not filters for gorgeous photographs.

The Bottom Line

Everybody wants to look trendy in their own wedding pictures. These latest trends will help you in looking that way. All you have to do is to choose a photographer who can capture photographs in these ways.

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5 Traits You Should Look For In A Wedding Photographer! There’re more facts involved when it comes to clicking excellent wedding photos than just clicking photos. The expert and proficient wedding photographers know that it’s not just about having an expensive camera. An excellent wedding photographer has some key qualities that let them turn simple moments into memorable emotional memories.

If you’re looking for the best wedding photographer, make sure that they have some or all these qualities written in the below passages.

Creativity and Imagination

It’s quite unfeasible to take a look at and grin lovingly at wedding photos as most of the time you’ll remain busy in the rituals. Your wedding photographer should be qualified enough to click candid photos which will be fabulous to look at. Any inexperienced family member can’t do that. An excellent wedding photographer uses splendid creativity & imagination to give life to those ordinary moments.

Must Have a Keen Eye for Detail

Wedding photography is about capturing the wonderful instants that guests present in the ceremony can be unconscious of. A wedding photographer should decipher the smallest details and convert a regular photograph into an artwork. Every component of the photo has to mark the right boxes. Be it the composition to lighting, subjects, everything!

Patience and Flexibility

The most excellent wedding photographers understand that patience and flexibility are priceless assets. For an instance, if the entire thing isn’t going compatible with the plan, a good wedding photographer should stay quiet and confidently find a way out. Suppose lighting isn’t looking good, an expert photographer will uncomplainingly wait rather than starting to take poor-quality images.

A photography specialist who dreads or frights if things go wrong is not worth your money and time.

Social Knowledge

Wedding photography is about mingling with different kinds of individuals mainly. Professional wedding photographers are able to work easily with people, even those who are harder to work with. They must have praiseworthy skills that let them generously relate with the groom and bride and other guests present there.

A wedding photographer with outstanding social skills draw out more association and feelings from guests and make them comfortable.


Being passionate about the work makes an outstanding wedding photographer apart from those who are only trying to make money. It is the passion that’ll ensure that other qualities written above are fully activated. In fact, without passion, it’s almost impracticable to own any of the above-mentioned qualities of an excellent wedding photographer.

Before settling on a wedding photographer, make sure that they’re passionate about their work.

In a nutshell

These characteristics will make sure that you have chosen the correct wedding photographer. Contact several photographers and try to find out if they have these desirable qualities. Today, there are several professionals who own these qualities and doing great in their job. 

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Tips To Follow When Choosing An Ideal Family Portrait Photographer For most families, updating family photographs happens annually. This is especially true who have a little one in their family. Few years just fly by in a haze. Lots of changes may some year-to-year. That’s why documenting milestones are so much important.With several brilliant photographers everywhere, choosing the right family portrait photographer can sometimes be irresistible. Photographers differ in approach, style, editing and more. You must invest in a professional that’ll offer you the most excellent photos for your family and a person on whom you can depend on year after year. Readout these helpful tips to find a fabulous family portrait photographer.

Family Portrait Photographer
Aureen & Michael copy92 Clarify first, what you are seeking in a photographer:

Knowing what you expect from a photographer will help you in weeding out the professionals who cannot gratify your requirements. Ask yourself, what kind of photos of your family you need. Check the potential photographer’s portfolio. Are they offering the kind of photos you need? If not, see someone else.

Avoid getting carried away by discounts or sales: Everybody loves excellent deals. But, good discounts shouldn’t be the factor that decides which photographer you should hire. Why? That’s because the discount will be of no use when you’ll get photos that are far from quality. Reputed photographers invest in good-quality equipment and expert-grade printing. When it’s about family portraits, you nearly always get what you pay for.

Let them know regarding your expectations

This may save you lots of frustrations in future. You understand that you require a professional who is able to deliver the finest products that you’ll be appreciating for several years to come. But, if you consider ignoring this and do not converse with that professional, they can feel that they may mess with you and be free after that. Plainly tell them that you do not pay for poor-quality services. By doing that, cheaters and those who’re trying to cheat will keep themselves away from you. The chance of ending up with the most excellent photographer will be higher.

Don’t forget to check up on their professionalism and personality

Sometimes with family photography, you’ll be inviting the professional into your house to spend numerous hours with you and your family. So, it is significant to pick somebody who can set up an optimistic ambience and make everybody feel comfortable. Expert photographers have experience calming nerves and encouraging natural smiles. Ask if their business is registered if they are from a professional photography association.

The final note

Choosing the finest family portrait photographer can be overwhelming, mainly when you’re unaccustomed to what to look for while selecting them. Follow these above tips to help you if you’re struggling to choose a photographer. Managing to contact the right person will confirm a perfect result.

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Make A Birthday Party More Special: Hire A Professional Photographer! Wedding photos-7Wedding photos-7

Why do you need to appoint a professional birthday party Photographer? The children won’t even remember that they had their pictures clicked! This is the reason why people argue that they don’t need a professional photographer. But, we can prove you wrong if you go through the blog up to its end. Here’re some top reasons why you must appoint a professional birthday party Photographer.

So that you can show off those pictures to your friends

You may not think it to be the main reason but it is absolutely important! A little part of everybody desires to boast that they enjoyed the funniest and the most creative birthday party. And, when you do not have professional and nice pictures, you can’t fully express how enjoying your party was!

An expert Photographer will take better images than you will be able to even with an iPhone. Somebody who covers big occasions like weddings, engagements and some other events can also cover birthday parties. They won’t even make you realize that they are there.

It makes you free from additional stress

Even a small birthday party takes lots of planning. There’s the food, the decorations, invitation lists to create and send and more. Including some more work on your checklist is not what you really have to do. By having an expert Photographer capturing photos of the event, you’ll be able to cut down some important work from your to-do list.

You will get enough time to interact with guests and actually enjoy the party giving away the tiring task of clicking pictures to somebody else. Ensure that you talk about the significant posed shots, and some other significant pictures, you want to get.

Even these small memories are precious

One thing regarding photography that is more than true is that often its value remains unknown until much later. There’re numerous moments of life that we tend to take for granted. In one blink of your eyes, your kiddo will grow and you’ll keep searching how he/she looked when they were younger.  The worth of having somebody professional capture those fun moments of birthday parties – is precious.

Don’t miss the chance to click fun and creative poses

From going crazy on the dance floor to playing exciting games, birthdays let you go the extra mile and have fun in the exact way you want. It is when you can click photos in plenty of creative poses and create unique memories. Likewise, your friends will want to click pictures in unique styles and you will also love to preserve that memory. These most likely won’t be possible if you are capturing pictures on your own as you won’t be there to pose with them.

In a nutshell, the custom of birthday celebrations isn’t new. They spend a lot of money and time on decorations, cakes, and food to make everybody as well as their kids happy. But, rarely do they get enough time to capture photos of all these. but, it won’t be the case for you if you contact a professional birthday photographer. 

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Best Benefits Of Hiring Engagement Photographers You Didn’t Know About! Since the wedding is knocking at the door, you two must have already started daydreaming. But have you thought about hiring an expert engagement photographer? Why? There are several reasons why you should do that. The benefits of hiring them are plenty.

For your traditional or modern engagement party, the presence of a specialized shutterbug will add a magic touch. But are you still confused with the idea of hiring an engagement photographer? If you’re still hesitant about the requirement of a professional photographer, you should read the advantages. Once you know the benefits, things will be clear. So, let’s start…

Caitlin & Reg-1-2Caitlin & Reg-1-2

Learn to be confident in front of the camera before the special day

There are thousands of couples who shriek at the idea of professional photography. Even though some of them are really excited to be clicked professionally, some things hold them back. Most people end up being awkward in front of the camera, never realizing how to be free.

Engagement photo sessions will give you two and the photographer a necessary sneak peek of how the wedding photo session will be. You can try some of the poses you’ve shortlisted for your wedding. Instead of facing the camera right at the wedding, you can get rid of your awkwardness and stress during this session. Moreover, there are also great customs of engagement which if there’s no photographer can be missed.

Recreate those special moments

Engagement photoshoots are all about recreating those special events with your partner and that unforgettable first dates. You can even choose a location that holds a significant place in your heart. Several couples express their desire to go to these places on their wedding day, but limited time doesn’t let them do that. But, in your engagement, you’re free to do stuff you like.

This auspicious day will give you a perfect opportunity to recreate the magic. Whether it’s to recreate the magic of your first date or frame a dreamy atmosphere you’ve fantasized about, the photographers will make your vision a reality. Moreover, the experts are also knowledgeable about how to make every image more magical and interesting.

Let it be a practice session

When you’re practising ‘the walk’ and giving trials of your wedding dress, you’re living the upcoming events. In a way, you’re rehearsing those practices. So, won’t like to do the same with the photography session before your special day? Nothing can be better than using your engagement as an opportunity and get to know your photographers better. The more you get used to them the more your photographs will come out to be awesome. The wedding day is going to be hectic, so it’ll be a smart move to be accustomed to them.

Caitlin & Reg-1Caitlin & Reg-1

The final thought

So, can you now see the wonderful advantages of hiring an engagement photographer? If you appoint professionals for your engagement, the entire photo session will probably go smoothly. Like this, you can meet the photographer earlier than the big day. Obviously, you can own yourself in front of the camera, without being hesitant. So, Give your professional photographers a call today!

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4 Wedding Photography Trends That’ll Rule In The Year 2021 Undoubtedly, 2020 has changed people’s lives. With COVID-19 forcing everybody indoors, people have had to become accustomed to a world they only saw in films. It’s not a secret anymore that industries worldwide were affected by this pandemic, and its effect on the industry of weddings was similarly brutal.

But, reputed wedding photographers got over it and adapted new rules in spite of the several hurdles. And, by it, 2020 brought a few new twists to wedding photography trends for 2021.

Brooke & James Wedding-11Brooke & James Wedding-11

Natural and Casual weddings

Several duos, who said “I do” starting in March 2020 had to change their plans and opt for low-key, small weddings. A few couples chose family marriage in place of the large wedding they had imagined, with plans to have a party/ reception in 2021. In both of the cases, weddings became a personal affair with the lowest number of guests.

These intimate, smaller weddings permitted couples to bond with one another and their guests on the special day. They provided chances for unfiltered, raw moments for the duo to experience and for the professional photographers to capture.

It also allowed them to get couples available for more photographs. And, this allowed for more creativity to come out. For these causes, we believe this intimate and smaller wedding trend could stay in 2021.

More outdoor sessions

Photo sessions that happen Outdoor, mainly for engagements, weren’t been stopped even in 2020. They just avoided crowds and chose lone spaces. This in turn allowed couples and photographers to feel comparatively safer and get creative even in the pandemic. And, also allowed professional

photographers to work with everything nature threw at these pros. The drama made by the moody clouds or the great mountains can barely be replaced. As several photographers photograph outdoors already, we believe outdoor sessions continue to be a trend in 2021 too.

Brooke & James Wedding-14Brooke & James Wedding-14

Indoor sessions will be there as well

Since health professionals advised that outdoor gatherings are relatively at a lesser risk to coronavirus than indoors, most photographers and couples took their photo sessions outdoors. Now, as the circumstances are getting better, this will change and indoor sessions will come back as a wedding photography trend in 2021.

Whereas you can still utilize the outdoor environs to harmonize your photos, indoor sessions as well can give great products. Being alone with couples in an indoor space that’s significant to the duo makes their experience more personal. Enclosed sessions also allow photographers to utilize different lights. With indoor sessions, couples and their photographers don’t have to be anxious about bad weather.

Brooke & James Wedding-7Brooke & James Wedding-7

Masked photographs

One more carryover from 2020 that’ll trend in 2021 is taking photographs with masks! Until we know that everybody is safe from the coronavirus, guests and couples still would like to wear masks. And, if they have masks matching with their attire, this will be a feature worth clicking!

The final thought

Pro wedding photographers will focus on making you look great with their photos and editing skill while remembering the latest trends. Contact a reputed photography company now to make your special day photographed well.

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Why Even A Photographer Should Appoint A Professional Photographer? Lots of studies concluded that even if you are a professional photographer yourself, still it’s going to be hard for you to photograph yourself in the way a professional would do. To be honest, it won’t be fun at all to play the role of a photographer, a model, and all that is required to run a photoshoot.

So, even though you are a photographer, it’s significant to hire a professional photographer. And, this is true no matter if you are thinking of taking Engagement, Wedding, Family, Birthday or Baby Pictures.

It’s not that you can never take pictures of your own or your family. But, when it comes to special photoshoots, it’s better to leave it to the professionals. Moreover, with professionals, you will get to enjoy the session instead of stressing about everything.

Chloe & Ben-12Chloe & Ben-12

Here’re some more reasons why you should hire a professional photographer even if you are a photographer.

Just think about one thing while being photographed

When you appoint somebody to take your or your family’s photos you’re left with thinking about one thing. That is YOU. How you are looking or which poses you can try.

However, when you do it on your own, you’re looking for the appropriate light, checking the settings, running into the frame and running back to check the camera. Plus, posing, praying and hoping that all of them in the frame is looking at the camera and not ruining the shot.

It’s stressful and can also be challenging to produce comfortable, relaxed pictures that capture your feelings better.

Pictures of you and your better half

How often do you and your partner get professional photographs taken? Was the wedding day the last time? Most probably it is.

However, when you hire a professional for any photoshoot you can request that you would like to click images of you two. They will make time to click that for you. On the other hand, when you are the photographer, you may not get time to do so for you two.

Somebody else will tell you honestly if you’re looking awkward

Being behind and in front of the camera at the same time can be difficult.

You may know how you’re gonna tell your family to pose but when you’ll run in front of it, you’ll totally be in an awkward position and forget to pose rightly. And, this can happen to almost everybody.

Having a professional to tell you how to lean your head so the light hits your eyes and to get close to your husband or kids will help in decreasing your stress level. In turn, it will help you all to enjoy the shoot.

Aureen & Michael copy10Aureen & Michael copy10

The final thought

Photography may be your passion but when it comes to shooting a special occasion, you should not ruin your enjoyment and photos by clicking them on your own. There are several professional photographers out there whom you can contact and hire at an affordable price. Thus, you can enjoy yourself with your loved ones and get wonderful clicks. 

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