6 Latest Wedding Photography Trends You Should Not Miss!

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For your wedding you should always look for a photographer who will be professionally skilled and will know the latest techniques and trends of wedding photography. But, you don’t want your photos to look so up-to-the-minute that when you’ll look back to your poses after 20 years you will see things that will instantly date your wedding.

Here are some shots that are trendy and fully 'now' but is going to look modern still when your kids will get married!

Brooke & James Wedding-10Brooke & James Wedding-10

Shots of the Proposal

A number of people are now asking photographers to shoot their proposal so that it seems like a story from their proposal to the wedding. Several photographers also have stated that this trend is going viral rapidly and all of them is in love with this trend. A photographer said, "I'll never forget one proposal I shot in my area, in the dead of winter. It felt like it was just me and the couple in that place, and I got really great images," she says.

Chloe & Ben-6Chloe & Ben-6

Stop Motion Wedding Photographs

In this technique, the professional will click still photographs and animate them, typically in a video with music selected by you. Stop motion works really well for a trailer. You can put that on Facebook or send it to close friends through WhatsApp.

Megan & David-1Megan & David-1

Bride’s Portrait

Today’s brides are opting for portrait sessions wearing their wedding dresses before the wedding day or on that day for taking portraits. "You're spending all this time and effort on your look and it's nice to document it properly," a professional photographer says. A few people are also capturing couple portraits.

Wedding photos-6-2Wedding photos-6-2

The Look of Father and Daughter

First-look photographs are now loved and this trend isn’t going to end soon. Some brides also choose to capture photos of their daddy's first look on their wedding day. This is an extremely sweet trend and that’s because it has become really popular. Wedding day is a busy day. So, spending time with your dad on that day will make them feel special.

Emily & Tim-15Emily & Tim-15

Showing Family Photographs

Want to show sentimental or funny family photos at your reception? Everybody wants that and that’s why it has become a trend. "I did it at my own wedding and see it at many weddings I photograph," says a popular photographer. Weddings are about bringing 2-3 generations together. So, it will be an awesome idea to have photographs of grandparents, parents and others to keep it together.

Megan & David-13Megan & David-13

Backlit Photos

Using natural light can gift romantic pictures. To achieve this look professionals shoot in sunrise or sunset. In this time the light remains soft and warm and flatters the subject. It is the atmosphere that’ll make you and your partner look splendid. In lights like these, everything looks great and romantic. It’s sometimes perfect to depend on nature but not filters for gorgeous photographs.

The Bottom Line

Everybody wants to look trendy in their own wedding pictures. These latest trends will help you in looking that way. All you have to do is to choose a photographer who can capture photographs in these ways.


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